SPP “Shulgivka” 12MW

Power 12 MW
Plot area:
20 ha.
Petrykivskiy region, Shulgivka village, Solar Travel Ltd, Ukraine
Cadastral number:
Technical conditions document, connection agreement, construction specifications, Pre-PPA
Connection fee for 1 MW:
€40 000
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35 kV connection to 35/10 kV substation buses Shulgovka (Tsarichansky Distribution Zone)

Peak Power (MW) - 15,60328

Shulgivka PVsyst - 1194

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    According to the methodology for category III:
    P=(12*0,716+0,5*4,301)*1,2=12,891 million UAH
    14.01 private property
    cadastral numbers

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      • corporate rights

      • technical conditions for connection

      • accession agreement

      • plot of land with an intended purpose 14.01

      • geology

      • geodesy

      • normative monetary value

      • report about the start of construction

      • PRE-PPA contract

      • urban planning account

      • urban conditions

      • PVsyst calculation

      • calculation of connection cost

      • arrangement of panels and tables

      Signed Contract with State Enterprise «Гарантiйний Покупець» (Pre-PPA)
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