SPP “Buzovka” 6MW

Power 6 MW
Plot area:
13.6 ha.
Buzovka village, an urban-type settlement Mahdalynivka , Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
Cadastral number:
A specific use purpose of land -14.01 For building, exploitation and housekeeping of energy-generating buildings, companies or organisations
It is 650 m from Substation 35/10 kW -- The point of switching on (Connection point)
Technical conditions document, connection agreement, construction specifications, Pre-PPA
Connection fee for 1 MW:
€50 000
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Connection under voltage of 35 kV of one LEP-35 kV to substation 35/10 kV «Priorelskaya»

Peak Power (MW) - 7,80472

Buzovka PVsyst - 1212

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According to TU:

  • Construction of a 35 kV power transmission line with a length of 0.8 km - 3.2 million UAH

  • Installation of an additional 35 kV linear cell in the 35 kV substation 35 kV Substation 35/10 «Priorelskaya» - 4 million UAH

  • Organization of automatic voltage regulation (ARN) according to the power transformer at PS 150/35/10 Urozhaynaya - 0.2 million UAH

  • Organization of automatic reclaim at the Priorelskaya substation on the line of accession of the SES - 0.6 million UAH

  • Reconstruction of the operational current circuit of the substation 35/10 kV «Priorelskaya» - 1.2 million UAH

  • telemechanics and communications - 1 million UAH

  • the establishment of an arrester - 0.05 million UAH

Total: 10,25 million UAH

According to the methodology for category III:
P=(6*0,369+0,8*4,301)*1,2=6,78576 million UAH
13,6 ha
14.01 private property
cadastral number

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  • corporate rights

  • technical conditions for connection

  • accession agreement

  • plot of land with an intended purpose 14.01

  • geology

  • geodesy

  • normative monetary value

  • report about the start of construction

  • PRE-PPA contract

  • urban planning account

  • urban conditions

  • PVsyst calculation

  • calculation of connection cost

  • arrangement of panels and tables

Signed Contract with State Enterprise «Гарантiйний Покупець» (Pre-PPA)
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